Does The Buck Stop Here For Salman Khan?

By on April 5, 2018

It was a bad day for universal Bhai, Salman Khan after a Jodhpur sessions court awarded a 5-year jail sentence in the fourth case against the actor today in the 1998 blackbuck shooting case.
Predictably the verdict divided the Twitterati as people applauded and jeered the sentencing. Here are some selected reactions from Twitterverse!


S8 S7

S13 S6 S9

People were quick to point out that the bad boy of Bollywood could end up in the same jail as tainted saint Asaram Bapu.


S3 S2  S5

While the verdict unleashed a sarcastic storm in the memeverse, supporters also lost no time getting into the fray.

S12 S11 S10

While the members of the Bishnoi community are said to have expressed disappointment at the acquittal of the other actors in the case, Salman Khan is expected to appeal against the conviction in the Rajasthan high court.


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