Watch out for Facebook next shot: Live streaming video for celebs!

By on August 6, 2015

Given its stated intention to expand and deepen its video-footprint, face book has added a new feather in its cap by launching live streaming video functionality to its newly launched app ‘Facebook Mentions.’ Aptly named as ‘Live’, this feature will help youth icons like celebrities, musicians and athletes to connect better with their target audience.


Image : Facebook

  • Through this feature, users will get a notification in their news feed, each time a celebrity whom they follow decides to go live. Even if you don’t follow a celebrity but have interacted with his posts, then also you will get a notification. Users can like, comment or share the video, even when the streaming is in process.
  • Celebrities on the other hand can tap the post button inside the mentions app and then select video. Add a small description and hit ‘go live’ and voila, the streaming begins!
  • By toggling between their phone’s front and rear camera, they can see how many viewers have tuned in and even hide their inappropriate comments. Post –streaming videos are saved to their facebook pages for retrieval at a later date.

With over 3 billion videos being watched daily, there is enough room for everyone and the platform which can garner the trust of celebrities is sure to win this game. And Facebook is well on its way to doing so as it has thousands of celebrities with verified accounts. It has roped in celebs like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Serena Williams, Michael Buble and Martha Stewart to promote this new feature among global audiences.


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