Wardrobe Detox Guide: Give your wardrobe a breath of fresh air!

By on January 20, 2016

Most of us have a closet full of outfits and these  not only include the stipulated one new dress for each day of the month but many  that have fallen off the radar but are still there owing to  the sentiment attached to them. And the fact that you still feel good wearing them, once in a while.


We know that wardrobe detox can be a tiresome exercise to wrap your head around, but hey! If you have survived that juice detox, you can get through this too. Let Akki Dokie guide you through this activity step by step.

Step #1: Yes and here we mean sorting things out one by one. Sort out the mess in a phased manner. One day you can sort bags and shoes, next day work wear but it is a tiring process so you might need somebody’s help.

 Step#2: Understand your style and eliminate all items that are not in sync with it. So if you have purchased that cross body bag in an impulse buying spree, you need to rethink about still keeping it in your wardrobe.

 Step#3:  Don’t be disheartened about that burgeoning “toss pile”. If you have not worn that bodycon dress in the last two years, you might not wear it again. Understand this fact forever.

 Step#4:  Editing of a different variety is what you need to do here when it comes to closet cleansing. So if you five nautical tees pare it down to two or three.

 Step#5:  Selling them off to websites peddling pre-loved fashion can be a good option and you can get some moolah. Passing it on to a sister is a tradition that is a century old and there is no-harm in following it if it can free up space for new ones.

 Step #6:  Once you are through with the sorting out phase, it’s time to arrange the left-over ones systematically so that you can even find what you want during a power cut. Place all scarves together, hang all belts, stuff all blouses and intimate clothing in a drawer. A well placed drawer will surely bring a lot of mental peace. Trust us!

 Step#7: Now comes the exciting part, i.e. creating a shopping list for the season of things that you really need without adding to the clutter. If you have been visiting this page often, doing that will not be a problem.

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