Add visual appeal and boost tweet engagement with emojis!

By on February 21, 2016

Small businesses are now catching up on the emoji trend as they are not in a position to have twitter create customized images and hashtags for their campaigns. So the next best option for them is to tap into the emoji trend and stay up with audience behaviours on twitter. Thankfully twitter has something to stay on this.

  • Adding emojis to your tweets creates visual appeal and encourages more people to connect with you on twitter. This is because the application of each image reflects some logical sense and adds additional appeal to your on-platform audience.

Twitter emoji 1

Twitter emoji 1

  • Emojis are the ultimate elevator pitch and you have only one or two symbols to let people know what value you are bringing them with every tweet.
  • Attaching an emoji or image to reply messages can reflect your thoughtfulness and the fact that you appreciate their concerns, opinions, and their efforts to connect with you.  Though it would be prudent to avoid emojis in case where the customer is trying to bring your attention to a serious complaint.

Twitter emoji 3

  • You can direct attention to a part of a tweet where you have added a link or video through links; quite useful in marketing communication.

Twitter emoji 4

Emoji’s are perfect for celebratory tweets like holidays, milestones, announcements, product launches which would not look so awesome in a simple text tweet. Think about it!

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