Ultra Shea Body Cream By Bath & Body Works Review

By on May 24, 2017

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Since, summer days are here, we decided to try “24 hour moisture ULTRA SHEA, body cream” collection from Bath & Body Works which was gifted by a friend from USA. After trying it for the first time, we realized why it is so famous and favorite among people.

This signature collection claims to give 24 hour moisturized skin and we applied it in the morning just after a bath and it was indeed there for sometime but definitely not for whole day. It really smells too good and it felt really soft on skin. After coming back from work to home (even being out in the sun), we could feel some moisture in our skin till late evening. So, it worked for almost 8-10 hours but 24 hours is just an exaggeration.

You can also get the same Ultra Shea, signature collection body cream in different scents. And and and the best part is that these are not tested on animals.

With the first dollop on the skin, we found it to be little too greasy but soon it vanishes into the skin with just a trace of fragrance. Also,  it does not take too long to blend or get absorbed.

Texture: Consistency is quite thick than other regular creams and is buttery in appearance as it is infused with butter. However, the fragrances in the cream is strong enough to make you feel good all day long. Smell is very unique and enticing; however, difficult to categorize.

Price: $6.00 for 70 gms

Packaging: Packaging is really cute and gives a spring summerish look. It comes in a glossy peach and light blue tube packaging with “pretty as peach” written on it along with few fresh pink flowers and green leaves.

Pink Jasmine Kiss and Blackberry Lotion

After this, we went on to the other signature collection from Ultra Shea butter body cream that is Pink Jasmine and Blackberry. It was the festive new collection. This Ultra Shea body cream is infused with Shea butter, aloe butter and pampering cocoa butter.

Texture: It claims to provide 24 hours of continuous nourishing so skin feels good all day long but this not true as a fact. This non greasy formula  unlike pretty as peach might not stay for more than 8 hours.

Price: $45.99 for 226 gms

Packaging: All the BBW ultra Shea body creams come in eye-catchy and sturdy tubes. This glossy tube looks beautiful with a combination of pink design on it. It has “Pink Jasmine Kiss & Blackberry” written on it with golden color on a shiny royal blue design.  As you see in the image, it has a dark pink jasmine flower with studded anther and filament.

Bath and Body Works is a very promising brand and one can totally indulge in its products to pamper themselves.


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