Twitter unleashes autoplay videos through Periscope!

By on January 16, 2016

Yes, you read it right. Twitter ’s periscope gamble is now yielding rich dividends as it begins its onward march into the video space that is fast gaining traction in the social media space. By acquiring periscope in March, it is now going neck-to-neck with facebook that launched autoplay videos a few months back. Autoplay videos push up engagement rates and help social platforms command higher currency in the sponsored ad segment through better engagement metrics.



 What users can expect

  • Live streaming videos from periscope app will play inside of tweets in twitter’s app and website as per a recent announcement by the company. No longer will you have to open a new tab or window to watch Periscope streams.
  • Just tapping into the video will launch a full screen view of the video with comment, like buttons as it happens in a typical Periscope live stream.
  • For users it will be much easier to explore a live stream and then go back to other stories in the timeline.
  • Android and desktop launch of this feature is expected in the next few days as all new functionalities are usually tested on the mobile platform before being made available on the desktop.

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