Trends Spotted on Day 4 at Amazon India Fashion Week 2015

By on April 25, 2015

The penultimate day of the glittering Amazon India fashion week saw a vast smorgasbord of designs being showcased by leading designers like Gaurav Gupta, Aneeth Arora, Poonam Bhagat, Viral, Ashish & Vikrant, Pratima Pandey, Nikhita Mynah, and Pia Pauro.

Cocktail dressing is all set to change, going by the designs showcased on day four with hand embroidered fabrics inspired by appliqués in horse motifs and tipis coupled with laser cut patterns made into kaftans, lehengas and saris. Colours that are expected to rule this season of cocktail dressing might just be: yellow, burnt orange, mint free, pepper pink, cornflour blue and khaki, bone white.

AIFW 2015 pia pauro

Virtues Collection by a leading designer trio laid emphasis on soft and subtle embroideries of zardosi, mirror and resham thread in their attires in earthy colours of yellow, green and brown will surely be the cynosure of alleys in the wedding season.

AIFW 2015 virtues by viral, ashish and vikrant

Keen eyed fashion enthusiasts could scrutinize that long flowing silk dresses with heavy fabric in contrasting colours coupled with big boots showcased in the PRAMA COLLECTION might just dominate the evening wear segment this year.

AIFW 2015 prama by pratima pandey

The one common point which all designers were trying to make this season  with their varied interpretation of trends was that the coming season will be about structured silhouettes in contrasting colours which will help fashionistas refine their perfect curves in the right places. Something women cannot afford to ignore as fitness consciousness permeates into every iota of urban fashion consciousness.

Extending the thought process, put forward by other designers in the fraternity, Taika Collection highlighted edgy silhouettes in linen and matka silk in sunset colours cobalt, ivory and black which is slated to do well in the formal wear segment.

AIFW 2015 taika by poonam bhagat

With one more day to go, these trends evident in the collections showcased by designers is something that is sure to make global buyers sit up and take note in order to keep their nose to the ground and shore up bottom lines by offering what the market wants at interesting price points.

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