Top Commandments for Posting Live Links on Twitter!

By on August 17, 2015

If you are an old war horse when it comes to Twitter marketing, then you should be well acquainted with the fact that posting live links on Twitter is one of the easiest tasks that you will ever have to engage in. Below are the top tips for posting live links adhering to which always leads to success.

twitter live links posting tips

  • Thou shall keep descriptions short: Brevity is the soul of wit and this holds true on twitter than anywhere else. While posting live links on twitter a few catchy words will surely lay the red carpet for your video to unfold and deliver its magic.
  • Thou shall tweet at the right time: Timing of tweets is of essence in order to elicit impulsive responses from the twitterati and the best times are early morning, lunch time and evening commuting time when everyone is hooked on to their smart phones to pass time.
  • Thou shall keep links mobile compatible:  Sharing content that does not render itself effectively on the mobile screen of users is akin to sharing nothing as users do not tolerate the world wide wait factor and move on the next tweet.
  • Thou shall keep tweets unique:  They say, even a dry subject can be made boring and the same holds for tweets. Add some action, invoke curiosity, and incite desire for knowledge through crisp, clever copy and you shall be flooded with twitter mentions in your dashboard.
  • Thou shall avoid click-baiting:  This is quite like the crying wolf story about the shepherd boy we all heard in nursery school. Be 100% honest with your readers and they will, in return, be cent per cent honest with you.



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