Top 5 Social Listening Tools

By on August 11, 2015

With innumerable click-streams of data flowing in through various social media platforms every second, marketers and brand custodians can now virtually build a database of intentions of their target audience. And in order to make sense of this data and obtain meaningful insights into user behaviour, the following tools would prove to be just perfect.

Social listening tools

  • Sysomos: A path breaking tool with an integrated interface called “Heart beat”, it offers users unlimited access to all conversations happening in real time. Marketers’ can know exactly which group of users is driving the discussion in the social sphere and filter them out by age, gender, location and even communicate with the key ones.
  • Social Mention: A free to use social monitoring tool that offers a dialled down scan of all mentions across social sites be it blogs, news, videos, it also ranks them in terms of strength, sentiment, passion and reach.
  • Tweet Reach: Another useful tool that helps you target the right tweeters at the right time by decoding how far your tweets travel and tell you which followers have the most influence.
  • Viralheat: Understanding the sentiment behind each mention is critical and this tool integrates with Google analytics to fetch reports on demographics, influencers and traffic activity helping you know what exactly is hurting your reputation.
  • Datasift: Embedded with a powerful data categorization tool VEDO, this tool can look for insights that matter to your business. It also offers real time analysis into how your social sites are performing and keeps an archive of your mentions.

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