Thinking what to wear under a blazer? Here are some handy tips!

By on February 6, 2016

Most fashionasta’s all across the world would confess that they know no other garment that can make them look sharp other than the blazer.  Its versatility comes to the fore when you start thinking of what to wear under the blazer and the options are limitless.

Shirts, tops and t-shirts are not always the answer if you observe the sartorial habits of some very famous and well-dressed women. And the ease with which some of them carry off this garment of clothing shows their level of confidence with their bodies.

It’s all about thinking differently! 

Our experience tells us that anything and everything worn under a blazer can look good. So here are some style tips to ponder about so that you can take your pick:

  • Blazer jacket with jeans: If you can get the colour combination right, then you will realize that you can wear a blazer with distressed jeans or for that matter any kind of jeans. It lends a casual-chic kind of air to your persona.


  • T-shirt + blazer always looks good: Anything can look great with a blazer, if you get it right. See the way Kate Middleton wears a striped T-shirt under her blazer.


t-shirt-under-a-blazer 2

  • V-neck T-shirt: This one is a bit bold but looks very alluring and can really get some admiring glances in your direction.

V neck t-shirt-under-a-blazer

  • Blazer + maxi dress or skirt: Yes, you can go for this combination also to get that uber-cool look.


  • Cardigan type T-shirt: Opt for this style when the sun is playing hide and seek with mercury sliding downwards in the peak winter season.
  • Patterned Blazer: Go for simple prints and it would not look over the top. A patterned blazers looks perfect if combined with dresses that are monochromatic.


  • Wearing it with flannel: If it is biting cold, then the flannel and the blazers make the perfect pair.  Add a statement necklace to complete the look.


  • Tossing it over your shoulders: Draping the blazer on your shoulders can look extremely appealing, unconventional yet edgy and can get you the brownie points. Try it and see the difference!

blazer over shoulder

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