Team AkiDokkie’s tryst with Himalaya Herbals!

By on August 22, 2015

In line with its philosophy to educate women on healthy hair care practices by making them aware of  their newly launched anti-dandruff and anti-hair fall formulations Himalaya Wellness organized a special ‘by-invitation’ only workshop at d’nottable salon GK, M-Block market, New Delhi.


Team Akki Dokie went in and tried their anti-dandruff and anti hair fall treatment. My hair were thin, windswept and dishevelled for quite some time now and I was just not happy the way they were turning out. But at the same time I didn’t want any quick-fix solutions that caused long term irreversible damage.



I wanted to improve hair quality and hair growth using natural formulations that support hair growth from inside out. And Himalaya’s Anti dandruff and anti-hair fall solution did precisely that. After the treatment, my hair felt smooth, shiny and absolutely beautiful. Now, I have been using Himalaya anti-dandruff range for the past few days and the results have been fantastic.

Himalayan herbals treatment

Now I love my long flowing hair and they have a life of their own. They follow their own flow and I don’t tussle with it. Keeping hair detangled, soft and radiant is the most notable side effect of these products. What sets them apart from other formulations in their category is the fact that they clean gently and nourish hair, repair them and protect them from hair damage. The protein hair cream deeply conditions and repairs and you actually get all day confidence in a jar. You will begin to love your healthy dandruff-free hair.

But why believe us?

Try them out and see the difference…that’s our advice to all those longing for healthy happy hair.

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