Social media cheat sheet for small businesses!

By on January 3, 2016

Here’s a lowdown on the best social media platforms that can add real value to your business. Adopting social media as a process can be overwhelming for some businesses so it’s best to restrict your presence to the ones that will have the maximum impact.

Facebook: Sharing content once a day and advertising a bit in order to promote your page or brand is important. Being the world’s largest social network, it’s the best place for your company to see the face of your customers, answer questions directly, share latest information, gain feedback and have control over the communication process.

Twitter: Perhaps the best channel for super-quick customer service, it can be used to share text updates, videos, links and one or two tweets a day are enough to keep your audiences apprised of your new offerings.

Linkedin: This is the platform for gaining access to opinion makers and decision makers in the age-group of 30 to 49. Brands would do well to keep this group engaged with one post per day.

Google +: The new improved version of this service integrates Google local and Google map functionalities helping customers to find you and offer valuable reviews and ratings. It’s also quite easy to post, search, connect and keep up with great content.

Pinterest: If your brand caters to a largely female audience which drives the growth of the brand then this is the platform to be. With 80% of its users being females in the age of18 and 35, this is a good catchment area for brands. And its swift pinning process ensures that your content spreads rapidly and your brand can link directly to a product.

Instagram: Brands focussed on apparel, entertainment, media can leverage this purely mobile platform to share images, short videos to a vast community of 400million monthly active users.

YouTube: Short videoscatering to a younger audience can make your product or service popular in a short span of time through viral marketing.

Last but not the least, the exact marketing mix will be unique to each business but you should try and add value to your offerings through these social media channels. Only then can you build a real connect with consumers.

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