Social media Audit: Adopting a multi-pronged approach to succeed!

By on January 22, 2016

User generated content now comprises of 25%of the content that shows up when users search for a brand online.  The good thing is that fellow users trust that content when it is good and buy promptly. But the problem arises when audiences start believing the negative stuff that gets written about your product or service when you have nothing to do with it. Social media marketing is really a challenge for marketers as brands are no longer in control of their own narrative. And therefore it requires more attention. Here are some corrective steps you can take to be in total control of the process.

social media audit

Social Media Audit

#1 Take stock of what is being talked about you. Who is talking about you? Where, when, how is it happening and why? If there’s any negative talk, nip in the bud immediately to avoid a torrent of negative comments and better manage your strategy.

#2 Undertaking a social media audit will help you learn more about your customers and competitors. It will improve the ROI on your efforts and improve your strategy.

#3 Create a spreadsheet that will be the first building block of the database where you will store all the information that you gather about your brand from online sources.

#4 Google your brand in order to see which profiles emerge first and if there are any fake profiles being run by imposters or satirists which need to be shut down. You will also get to know the legit pages owned by you which are doing well on search engines. And then work towards improving the content in those pages.

#5 Develop a mission statement for each of your social profiles and make sure your team internalizes it. Compare the content of the pages and see whether they are in sync with the brand’s vision or not. It will help in more accurate communication disseminating from your social media pages.

#6 Combat negative or misleading perceptions being created by competitors by analyzing the social media profiles of your competitors. You will also get to know if they are also contemplating what you are doing by looking at the career section of their portals where all vacancies for future projects are advertised. Pre-emptive action can be taken in case this strategy throws interesting insights about your competitor’s motives.

#7 Set Google alerts for your brand or buy subscription to an online monitoring service that will let you know all that is being published about you online or offline. It is perhaps the most accurate perspective you will get to know about your brand’s strength and weaknesses.

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