Snapchat: Reinventing Social Media Marketing!

By on July 15, 2015

That’s correct. With Live streaming applications Periscope and Meerkat unleashing their services recently, the social media space is all set to go one notch higher.

Built on the similar lines,  Snapchat,  a photo cum news cum emotion sharing platform, is weaning off users attention from other networks. The application promises to get the undivided attention of millions of users globally albeit for a few minutes only but that is still an incredible opportunity from an advertising perspective.


Giving other networks a run for their money

Its news sharing and broadcast capabilities have caused disruption amongst other news aggregator sites that rely more on text but Snapchat relies solely on images to tell a story and the content disappears after 24 hours.

By enabling private communication between two parties through the medium of peer to peer photo sharing without the community looking over and commenting through likes and shares, Snapchat seems to have played its cards right and now has more than 200 million excited users in its fold.

Snapchat fosters personal communication between friends and can be used by marketers to create a buzz about an event, brand launch or product launch especially in categories like high fashion, cosmetics where anticipation levels are high.

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