Snapchat’s deep-linking strategy for better marketing!

By on February 3, 2016

Yes, that’s correct. Snapchat as a platform is now looking into the future and has just announced two major updates focussed on getting more engaging content on board.

  • In the first update, it was announced that Snap chat’s media partners would now be able to ‘deep-link’ to their content. What it means that publishers can now provide a direct link to their snap content from one app to another. So, if somebody wants to share its snapchat content through twitter’s mobile app.


  • Profile URL is the second major update in the Snapchat portfolio as it will help users to deep-link to their own Snapchat channels. This will help you promote your Snapchat presence across all platforms. Locating and following accounts will be easier and more users will feel free to hop on to the Snapchat bandwagon.


  • All this will lead to more sharing and users spending more time on the app. And the direct consequence will be snapchat’s higher bargaining power with media planners. Since Snapchat does not have a desktop version yet, users can click on the url shared via twitter and it will open a screen having the publisher’s snapcode. Scanning the code with your phone QR reader will lead to that publisher’s content.

These updates have eliminated the fear amongst media planners that developing snapchat oriented content is risky as it might not last long. With increasing popularity of Snapchat as other platforms are breeding ennui amongst users, this is a step which will have interesting implications for the market. It will be interesting to see how the number’s game plays out in the near future as a result of these changes.

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