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By on June 13, 2016

Often our celebrities, who we look up to for style inspiration, fail to impress us.
Clearly, having a team of professional stylists, a huge wardrobe with stacks of clothes is not enough. In spite of all the facilities and advice at their disposal, celebrities commit some serious fashion blunders.
At such moments of crisis, we urge you not to follow your favorite celebrities’ style blindly, but to look up here for a few fashion disasters. 

Kalki Koechlin 

Kalki is known for her quirky sense of fashion, and we adore her for this. She was dressed in Saaksha & Kinni assemble for the Viacom bash. Though the different pieces from her look are gorgeous separately but they did not seem to work together, especially her bustier. 



Dia Mirza

The pretty diva was spotted at the Genesis Foundation Event, clad in this Pankaj and Nidhi Outfit. The embellished dress could have been a treat to the eyes if her inner wear had not been visible. Moreover, her hairstyle did not compliment her dress making it an absolute Nay for us!


Google Images

Huma Qureshi

We have been seeing this beautiful actress breaking the stereotypical notion of Bollywood employing actress with the perfect figure. Besides being a plethora of talent, she has an amazing fashion sense but her recent look did not amaze us. She wore this striped Aaylixir maxi dress while visiting a radio station last Friday to promote the music video she features in. Though she wore her look gracefully yet there were too many stripes which were sour to look at. Her choice of shoes also went wrong with the dress. 



Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

The iconic beauty has had some fair share of OOPS moments at the red carpet of award functions as prestigious as Cannes. At times, she hits the bulls-eye with her mesmerizing looks, and at others, we are caught completely off guard. Recently, Aishwarya attended a book launch sporting a PatineCecilia Skirt. It was a tiered wrap skirt with assorted prints and paired it up with white Anjali Jani shirt and a Dior bucket bag. The look did not work well for us, the pairing seemed incorrect. 



Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan has been adorning Sari look from as far as we can remember! Her name has almost become synonyms with Saris, therefore, we fail to understand how she goes so wrong on a few occasions. The Anavila sari look failed to impress us as there were so many things utterly amiss, like the bag, which we can mistake as a jhola and the blouse. 



If you love to follow your favorite celebrities style, Halt! Take a good look and make sure you are not following their mistakes. 

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