Men’s Hair Style Trends at the Oscars

By on March 16, 2015

The red carpet for this year’s Academy Awards must have been rolled up, but the style trends we saw are still abuzz in the fashion circuit. While the lovely ladies dazzled the might in mighty dresses and gorgeous accessories, the men stole the show in their crisp tuxedos and suave hairstyles. Hollywood’s most glamorous and prestigious event of 2015 brought some fresh new men’s hairstyles to the fore. Here are some that totally bowled us over.

Slicked back mane

The American Sniper star Bradley Cooper looked all dapper in a sleek hairstyle that’s a perfect match to any formal event. If you have same length hair, this combed back style can look astonishingly well with the monochrome dress code. With a wide toothed comb and some holding gel easily pull off this gentlemanly hair style to the T. For added volume, blow-dry your hair at the crown and stand smart.

Bradley cooper at oscars 2015

Side brushed locks

Taking cue from the likes of Channing Tatum, Josh Hutcherson and Ethan Hawke, we were going ga ga over the simple yet much urbane side brushed look. The Hollywood stars we spotted carrying this hair style basically sported short hair with a side partition where the hair was brushed and set to one side. Any matte finish clay can do the trick to hold the hair strands to the side and provide some texture on top. This classic well-groomed hairdo never fails to impress and is something you can rock both at work and play.

channing-tatum at oscars 2015


Ethan Hawke at oscars 2015_


Josh_Hutcherson at oscars 2015

Controlled mess up

It seems like the very boyish out-of-bed look just refuses to go out of our sacred Black Book of fashion. The 2015 Academy Awards saw many a popular faces opting for this tousled hairstyle, but in a controlled and textured avatar. The messed up look trending at the night’s event was a nice blend of the completely bed-head category and carefully styled locks. Eddie Redmayne and Ansel Elgort in our opinion ticked off all the nuances of this hair style with aplomb.

Eddie Redmayne at Oscars 2015Eddie Redmayne at Oscars 2015


Ansel Elgort at oscars_Ansel Elgort at oscars_

So these were some truly debonair men’s hairstyles straight from the big night. Hope you liked our picks. Until the next time, do write back and take care of those manly mane.


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