Latest Instagram Update in May

By on May 30, 2017

Instagram now has more than 700 million users. Till date it is definitely ranked significantly higher than Snapchat and may even rank them above Twitter sooner or later. These days Instagram is focusing more on audience. We can perceive it as a hidden reason behind their day to day updated and new features.

Since Instagram has come up with Insta-snap feature, it is not stopping in any way and coming up with new features and updates on regular basis.

For May Instagram Update, we can see number of new features.

No More Boring Hashtags

Now, Instagram has gifted us “hashtag stickers” for our Instagram stories. Hashtags are not only left for caption but way beyond. Now you can checkout the hashtags from the Insta-snap story itself by clicking on the “See Hashtag” prompt.

When a brand use this strategically, they can build incredible brand awareness by a running a hashtag campaign and get interested users to their content to engage with it, just like we did. It’s not only a great opportunity to promote a campaign but also inspires user generated content.

Snapchat-Inspired Feature

These filter are so much much fun. Insta-Snap now also have few Snapchat inspired filters. They’ve just announced a total of eight filters, which include glasses, animal features, and several types of crowns. These filters even work with Boomerang content, images, and videos. You can use both your front or back camera.


Rewind Format

Similar to Boomerang, this new Rewind format lets users take a video with the app’s native camera, and then play it only in “rewind mode.” You can watch a ball that you threw coming back into your hands. This eye-catchy feature is very user friendly and youngsters are going crazy for this.


Instagram Collections

This is one of the best features out of all. The collections feature lets users save posts into it’s Instagram itself. So, not more posts that gets lost in a sea. Now it’s much easier to find and revisit posts any time. Now, fashion freaks can make up a ton of different attire collections, All those who are crazy after Cannes can compile all the Cannes 2017 features in one group and also, you can save great content examples for your brand.

These collections, like a users’ saves, are entirely private. Businesses they can create collections of:

  • User generated content about their brand, which they can use at a later time
  • Groups of their own posts (since you can save your own posts) to monitor closely, or that belonged to a certain hashtag campaign
  • Examples of great content from other brands that you love and find inspiring

Fully Functional Web App Soon

New light-weight” version of Instagram is here for the countries unlike USA, where WiFi and 4G LTE data is everywhere. They have made it more user friendly for those who have more limited data. 

Now there is no need to download the app, we can now easily access or utilize the actual app just like that as web-based version are available. From March onward Android mobile phones users will be easily able to upload pictures and posts from within the web-based app. But still there will be few features missing like video uploads, filters, Stories, and Direct Messaging.


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