Lakme Fashion Week, Summer Resort 2016!

By on March 17, 2016


The collection themed Repnotic, by Designer Asa Kazingmei, to be showcased at “ Lakme Fashion Week 2016 ” brings the essence of fantasy, fiction, magic, miracles, moments of good over evil and so many fine and minute details that make those best moments most beautiful silently would be unveiled on Sunday, 3rd April 2016.

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Repnotic is all about those tiny details that add to the most impressive-perfect-beauty around us, and that too without being noticed. So, when these bread crumbs of fine details are put together in the big picture, it raises the ordinary to extraordinary and the just good comments become jaw-droppingly beautiful and mesmerising. Yes, these are righteously those small things that we often tend to overlook while appreciating the overall picture or place or person.

lakme_fashion_week fashion_week_2016

The collection “Repnotic” by Designer Asa Kazingmei, is an attempt to give people to rethink and introspect in themselves and realize that there’s beauty in small bits and pieces, there’s meaning in the dull and sad part as well.
So it has inspired Asa to make the fiction transport from imagination to reality this Sunday! Motion, poise, and fluidity are what make this collection unique.



Making the emotions, that is intangible, tangible and with the most beautiful touch are long, floating and textured silhouettes. satin, lace, crystal, net and a touch of golden leather show up throughout the creation. Each and every of bit giving their edge contributing in the depth of designer’s vision. Little things that can create magic!



Garo by Priyangsu and Sweta is based in Kolkata and will be showcasing their collection themed “Femmes Di Tahiti” at “ Lakme Fashion Week Summer Festival ”. Garo has en-cooperated the touch of floral landscapes and bohemian style of Tahitian women with an eclectic French Polynesian flavour in the theme. Soft handloom chanderi, cotton matko, woven bapta silk and chiffon textures with vibrant colours straight out of works of the master of avant-garde Paul Gauguin constitute the fabrics used.


Garo is an Indian brand that creates and designs Indian contemporary Indian outfits for women. It initially was inspired by bold tribal prints and motifs and reflects the ancient traditions of Indian craftsmanship in a contemporary vocabulary and so the name garo, which is also the name of a tribe in Assam.


“It is a pleasure being a part of Lakme Fashion Week as this is going to be our second season, we are really excited and we look forward to it. We’ve put in a lot of hard work and effort – we await this beautiful journey.”- says the young designers Priyangsu & Sweta.


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