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By on June 2, 2017

You must have noticed few new stickers on Instagram. They have come up with such amazing stickers for June’s Pride Month celebrations i.e. the annual celebration of LGBTQ community and identity. All the new six stickers were created by LGBTQ artists from around the world, and depict different portions of queer culture and life.


One sticker pays homage to the roots of voguing in communities of color, while another is an eye with the trans flag in its iris to show the importance of trans visibility. Other stickers include a pair of sunglasses with rainbow lenses, a rainbow megaphone, a cartoon person holding a rainbow fan, and one that simply says “queer.”

It’s noteworthy that a social media platform,Instagram allowed the LGBTQ community to create the stickers which represents their own community. Who would have done it better than them? The queer artists have tried to represent themselves. Also, they are using the Pride stickers to give these queer creatives — and their work — a wider reach.

Using the stickers and hashtags all of us can also show our pride, support and acceptance, with just a click for selecting a sticker. So, let the rainbow colors splash all over the Instagram to support them and let the world get exposed to the beautiful stickers!


The best part about these stickers are that users can tap on a sticker and can find out who created it, giving much needed attention to the talents of LGBTQ artists. A second tap on the sticker leads users to #Pride2017, the official hashtag of Pride Month.

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