How to rock leather pants like a star !

By on February 17, 2016

Leather is, and has been, a style statement for rockstars, celebrities and for all who want to flaunt their lifestyle. They top the fashion charts and form an integral part of the wardrobes of the A-list. They bring-in elegance to every look and are UNISEX.

There are infinite ways to wear them and complement well with casual, party, sporty or official look; be it for that day look or the naughty night-outs, formal dinner parties or the relaxed jogging down the path.

Leather and faux leather are styled to pants, leggings, jogger pants, moto pants, skinny pants, pyjama pants, culottes or capris etc.

Look at these celebrities making their own fashion imprint with these leather pants and defining elegance in whatever look it may be!!! Take a look for yourself…I am sure you will fall in love with them and will soon want to have a pair for yourself. Style with a little caution to get that killer look!!!

Amazing Selena Gomez with the animal print jacket perfectly thrown over the leather pants and a white tee.

Selena gomez in leather pants

The casual and crisp masculine look!!!

Celeb wearing leather pant

Vow! An eye stopper!!! The skinny leather pants with high heel boots, belt, patch-work blouse & jacket.

Celeb wearing leather pants

Casual look of Hailey Baldwin added by an oversized T-shirt to her leather leggings, contrasting them with her classy high-heel lace sandals

Celeb wearing leather pants

Envy this party look! Wear this high waist Leather pant with a crop top and laced booties along with a dazzling purse

Celeb wearing leather pants

Kendall Jenner in an elegant and crisp official look clubbed with her grey blazer.

Celeb wearing leather pant 5

A stunning evening look with the lovely beaded top and heels

Celeb wearing leather pant 6

Official elegance with Leather Culottes smartly combined with a suede jacket, scarf and matching pencil heel sandals.

Celeb wearing leather pants

Perfect outerwear, for that special occasion-  white top with a strong contrast thrown-over by her periwinkle blue coat.

Celeb wearing leather pants

Kate Moss out for her birthday bash in an all-black dress-up leather pants with a fur coat.

Celeb wearing leather pants

Baggy Leather Pants…. The casual cool look of Jessica Alba!!!

Celeb wearing leather pants

The Sporty look all along…Jogger Pants in style!!!

Celeb wearing leather pants

An all-black elegance clubbed with slip-ons…

Celeb wearing leather pants

Cardigan and sneakers…. An absolute contradiction to the leather pant style…… Make your own STYLE!!!

Celeb wearing leather pant 13



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