Here’s our Social Media Crystal ball for the year 2016!

By on December 18, 2015

Predicting the future is something that only historians can do precisely as it is an established fact that the more deeply you know about the past, the better you are at visualising the future. And seeing the subtle changes that are changing the marketing landscape slowly comes easy if you are strong with economic or marketing history.

Our aim at deciphering the future is to help advertisers, marketers, students; researchers leverage our expertise and take better decisions that benefit the business community as a whole. Turning the power of earned, paid media into a useful ally is something that we sincerely want to help advertisers with so that they can drive more conversions and gets more traffic for their online properties.


Our Predictions for 2016

The predictions that have been outlined below are based on data, experience and gut feel. And with the right resources, information at their disposal, they can select the right social platform, content channels, and communication mediums to connect better with audiences.

  • Online videos will continue to hold ground and they will become more raw, formal and the advertising possibilities on this medium will be huge.
  • Content will be the king but content marketing will get noisier.
  • Influencer marketing through opinion maker will be experimented with on a larger scale.
  • Key platforms for marketers will still be: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Facebook reign will continue.
  • “Pay to play” media models will be highly sought after by brands.
  • Do not count out Snapchat yet; it might just make a comeback.
  • More formal communities will evolve as compared to the informal ones.
  • Visual marketing, visual search engines might make a re-entry.
  • Quality, inspiration and emotional branding will stay supreme in 2016.
  • User experience will remain sacrosanct.
  • Mobile first approach has to be employed in order to take the first mover advantage!


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