Hairstyles to watch out for in 2016!

By on January 14, 2016

2015, was all about experimentation with wild oombre colours coupled with bright, exciting colours and trying out different silhouettes, this year we expect fashionastas to dabble in new looks but with a very laid-back French vibe. It will come down to feeling really beautiful with the minimal of effort. Those hairstyles will gain momentum that will not require more than five minutes to recreate. It certainly won’t be like last year where most of us let our hair loose in waives with heavy, thick plaits. Here are a few trend projections for 2016, by those in the know.

  • Au natural

Go with the natural flow, not against it, that should be the mantra as 2016 is leaning towards an all-natural vibe. Instead of tweaking your hair to be in sync with the natural trends, it’s better to let them be as it is by getting hair cuts that work with your texture, with minimum fuss and air dry your locks.

au natural hairstyle

  • Peacock bun anyone?

Early morning hassles are almost every-day characterized by messy buns but you can give that a spin in the form of a peacock bun. Not only is it wildly romantic but it can be easily recreated at home. Feeling enthused, we are sure you do.

peacock bun

  • Accessorizing almost always works!

Combining the natural look with bright accessories like hair clips, brooches, gold rings for pony tails and braids will make you feel as if you are going back in childhood but it will surely be wildly exciting. Trust us!

accessorized hair

  • Braids-radically different from last year

Tight, functional, streamlined no-nonsense braids might replace bohemian, whispy do’s that paired well with airy dresses. But this season, we are going to see a lot more leather and buttoned –up collars than ever before. So tight braids may just make sense.

tight braid

  • Low pig tails

No longer confined to the school playground, low pig tails have now moved to the centre-stage, as the sweet innocent look is now being sought after. Combining low pig tails, with gothic lipstick, heavy metal accessories makes for a perfect style cocktail.

low pigtail

  • Bring out the scissors

Blunt, thick, straight across bangs look very bold and innovative and with a lot of inspiration on the ramp and television, you can certainly take this route in order to look good all the time.

hair bangs

  • Messy can look sexy

The messy and wind-blown look might just prove to be an advantage this year. Embrace natural hairstyles; don’t fight with messy hair as a lot of designers are taking the bold move by showcasing models on the ramp with messy but innovative hairdos. And this shows their conviction in the fact that messy can be sexy. Need we say more?

messy beadhead hair

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