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By on November 28, 2015

Your Instagram efforts are going to bear more fruit if you can direct your marketing efforts more appropriately and in the right direction in which users are thinking.

#1 Customize images to your audience liking

 Watch the kind of snaps, your audience is uploading, and then post similar pictures in your Instagram account. For example, if your brand is selling mascara, then it pays to have images that focus on the styling of the eyebrow uploaded by users.

enhance your photos

#Enhance your photos

It pays to put up bright and shiny pictures on Instagram as they do have a real effect on the quality of response you get from users. After all engagement is everything and using image editing tools is not a sin.

# Avoid generic images

Generic images do not create that lasting impact and a better way is to create graphics which highlight your brand attributes. Square shaped images are just perfect to create the right effect.

# Use text overlays on images

Keeping images empty without captions may not have the kind of effect that you are planning to have.  Content can hit the right chord with users directly, especially if the conversation starts with a graphic or a quote. Avoid too many graphics also.


# Use apps for help with caption writing

Copywriting isn’t everyone’s forte so there are apps like Hemingway and Sweet pea that can make a real difference to the way you present high quality content to users.

# Leverage trending hashtags

 Search and explore the trending hashtags and with the right hashtag and location tag, you can extend the reach of your content and brand. Simple hash tags that are used commonly by everyone can be leveraged to reach out to a vast audience.

# Post user generated content with a trackable link

 Getting this right will save costs and shoot your brand popularity’s sky-high. Reposting content shared by users will raise their self esteem and make them the brand ambassadors of your brand. There is no better way to get awesome word-of-mouth popularity and create a monster brand. It’s the best way to engage with audiences, reward them and make them feel good about your product or service.


trackable link-instagram





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