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By on February 19, 2016

All of us go through the writer’s block at some point of time in life when nothing innovative comes to mind and we all hope that our computers had the intelligence to help us out of the intellectual logjam. Well, help is at hand, from the web as certain very useful tools have been unleashed in the recent past to help bloggers increase traffic, get more sales and enhance revenue for themselves.

G-Drive Research tool

This tiny little functionality will help you to conduct Google searches without ever leaving your drive window. Just click on “Tools” from the menu bar and choose “Research” from the drop -down menu.


 Lazarus form recovery

All of us have had to face the prospect of filling in online forms and lost data fields all over again in case of server outages. Now there is a solution in the form of Lazarus Form recovery, a free web browser that recovers lost data from online forms and fields, especially blogpost forms. So say, goodbye to publishing disasters as Lazarus submits all the data to your browser periodically.


 Word Counter

If you are using Windows 7 or higher, they come with built in word counting tools but if you are not then you can use the word counter plug-in which is very handy, if working through a tablet or handheld device.


Word 2 Clean HTML

Say hello to seamless publishing with this handy plug –in that eliminates all formatted elements from Ms-word text so that it can be uploaded into a web-based form or a CMS like wordpress. Transferring content directly from word to wordpress can disturb the HTML, but with this publishing tool, you get a clear and concise post, just as you always wanted.



Adding cover photos to your e-books now gets easier as Canva offers a huge library of pre-made templates and the functionality to add your own imagery to blogposts .



Royalty-free images are now more easily accessible than before through Pixabay. All images and videos are distributed free under Creative Commons CCO and no attribution is required.



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