Facebook rolls out support for new 3D touch actions!

By on January 28, 2016

If you have just purchased a new iPhone 6S for yourself, then there is more good news in store for you. Your social networking sessions will get a lot more rewarding and enriching as Facebook has just announced support for new 3D touch actions.  With the new “peek and pop” functionalities being added to its iOS app, browsing images, videos in news feed and other sections of the Facebook  app will become a whole lot easier.


3D touch has been in action for almost a year now. But with the new functionalities, users can press lightly on a profile, URL, page, group or photo and the screen will initiate a preview of the content. By applying a bit more pressure, you will be able to load the link in the browser and zoom it to see it in full screen layout.

Social networking at its best

3D Touch feature has been made possible by the introduction of pressure sensitive sensors in the iphone’s display that can detect even subtle variations in pressure. Analysts predict that just as LIVE photo feature clicked well with audiences, this sure will also be a hit.


High technology evangelists would tell you that incremental improvement in user experience will make these portals even more market-friendly for advertisers who are undecided about choosing one medium over another. At present, the new update will be beta-tested amongst a small community of iPhone 6s users before it is offered globally.

Right now developers looking to take advantage of 3D touch to build newer applications will find the news quite heartening for their future product launches. Although, some developers, who do not have the latest version of Iphone might have to upgrade their iphones soon to leverage all the benefits of this new feature.


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