Facebook paradigm shift from a “P2P” to “B2C” social network!

By on September 24, 2015

The biggest social network is now reinventing itself from a pure-play peer to peer network and spreading its wings to become a full fledged b2b cum b2c platform and increase the number of funnels from where it generates its revenues.

Two new sections are expected to open up to a news hungry audience: Shopping and services that will allow businesses to highlight their products and services directly from their facebook page.

Facebook Image

With 45million Facebook pages, the social network has now acquired the critical mass to cross –sell newer types of services and this is expected to be a step in the right direction to bolster its revenue stream.

Not just product-oriented businesses but even service-oriented businesses get the chance to highlight their offerings to a local plus global audience.

No longer will small businesses need to invest in websites as facebook now offers a much more accessible and visible platform for accessing a readily available catchment of users.

These features are still in the beta testing stage before a full-fledged roll-out happens with additional functionalities. New CTA buttons are being designed like “Call Now” ,” Send Message” , “ Contact us” along with the “Donate” button and will appear more prominently at the top to help connect with users.

Existing business pages will get more functionalities so that businesses owners can connect and track better the performance of their campaigns. A “saved reply” option along with a “reply privately” allows admins to reply privately to public comments.

Facebook is also planning to launch its virtual assistant “ M” which will be powered by artificial intelligence and help users accomplish ordinary tasks like completing online orders, making appointments.

So, keep your fingers crossed as these features could certainly be incorporated in the business pages in the coming future.

Let’s wait and watch to see how the future unfolds.

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