Dressing disorders!

By on March 11, 2016

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.’ - Coco Chanel

These days being fashionable trendy and stylish has become as essential as having food to live or air to breathe! But people in hunt of classic trendy and different looks forget about the “be wise and sensible before going for any look alert” and go completely off the track.

Especially in the case of youngsters, they are so vibrant, cheerful, bubbly in the case of girls and active that they often go for bright colours in whatever they pick to wear on a daily basis. But the most important and sort of “first and most common rule” is that too bright colours or colours that don’t match their skin colour or body type or it could be any other reason make them look hilarious and funny. also read: red carpet looks: born out of royalty!



Say for example some people try to fit in their old size zero according to their body type outfits and land up either tearing them and after effect of it is often crying for girls and shopping for guys and girls both but for girls it’s not just shopping for that particular event or just for that not-so-fit-dress rather shop for the entire year where guys are a little lenient at such times or somehow fitting into them and look awful and, to be honest, ugly and such a bizarre! Some choose to go for extremely loose clothes which make them look oversized and untidy and too out of place for any “Suddenly-let’s-go-to-party” hangout! And the list for picking-a-bizarre-look is endless!



Hence, the lesson here is that your clothes should be tight enough to show that you’re girly or boyish but lose enough to show you’re a lady or the man!


Henceforth dressing up rather dressing well is a form of manner and art that exists only within a very few selective ones and not everybody!

Also read: beautiful hair beautiful you!

But to counter such be-fashionable-in-a-crazy-way chunk of people there are people who act like I’m-a-complete-alien-to-this-planet-if-fashion-named-word-exists-in-this-world. For such people dressing, styling, new looks in trend don’t make any difference. But the fact that they forget about or not well acquainted with is that feeling good and looking good go hand in hand, although a pretty dress wouldn’t hurt anyone to be crystal clear “Today you are you, truer than true! There is no one alive who is Youer than you!-Dr. Seuss which means that looking well isn’t for any age group or grounded within the glamorous and entertainment world, no matter how old you are, how healthy you are etc taking care of one’s own self and looking pretty is for life.



Fashions fade, style is eternal.’ - Yves Saint Laurent


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