Denver Beer Shampoo – the cool, new entrant into men’s personal care market

By on September 9, 2015

It is a well known fact that hair is the index of your personality and men with lovely hairstyles do have enormous confidence that in itself is magnetic. So, when Denver came out with the Beer Shampoo for men, oh man did we have to get our hands on it. Beer + Shampoo, I mean come on could things get any better?

Denver Beer Shampoo

Having shown ya’ll our excitement about the Denver Beer Shampoo, we would like to share a few thoughts about the product ourselves. Well, you know, no product purchase is accurate unless you have examined its pros and cons so that you know what you are getting into.

In line with our philosophy of being one step ahead of competition and offer our readers a first-hand account of all new products hitting the market, here is our mini – SWOT analysis of this novel product that might help you make an informed decision while buying this brand new shampoo.

Well, I and my brother both tried the shampoo last week. My hair being dry became frizzy and uncontrollably dry. However, the results were different for my brother who has oily and sticky hair. He loved the shampoo. As per him, his hair never felt so light and full of life.

Here’s our review:

For better:

  • Contains maltose, biotin, silica & magnesium. All these ingredients are super-foods for healthy hair.
  • Great for men with oily, dull hair that need uplift.
  • Offers the goodness of real beer and obviates the need to use a conditioner.
  • Less water utilization, quick long lasting results in less time.
  • Reasonably priced – 100 ml & 200ml are being retailed at 75 & 160 rupees respectively.

For worse:

  • Not for men with dry hair
  • Some people might find the smell abhorrent
  • hair became even more dry and coarse

Have you tried the product yet? If yes, then what do you think?

Do post your review below.

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