Day 3 @ Amazon India Fashion Week 2015!

By on April 25, 2015

With just two days remaining for the show to conclude, expectations from the audience had reached a new high and designers like Sanchita, Tanvi Kedia, Anupama Dayal, Pankaj&Nidhi, Namrata Joshipura surely did justice to their expectations on Day 3.

Noted designer Sanchita showcased her autumn/winter collection that was a unique blend of traditional and contemporary designs. A-line shift dresses, tuxedo pants, pencil skirts and embroidered jerseys in fabrics such as tulle, moleton, fleece, brocade, jacquard, duchess satin and honeycomb featured in this collection. Emphasis was given by Sangita’s team on leopard prints, plexi-glass embellishments coupled with accessories like strap and thong sandals, pointed ballerinas, ankleboots that might just be the trend for the upcoming year.

AIFW 2015 Sanchita

Tanvi Kedia choose to stick to her signature Indian style and showcased her repertoire of dresses that included, sarees, salwar kameez, capris and it was evident that she was targeting young audiences and eyeing the mass-market (prêt) segment through this exclusive platform.

AIFW 2015 tanvi kedia

Renowned designer Namrata Joshipura’s collection was inspired by the ancient Greek mythology. Inspired by Mother Nature , floral motifs made their appearance in almost all the dresses coupled with panel placements, stripes at side seams, cutwork wraps, faux fur textured trenches, belted satin dresses, trench style dresses, cutout gowns, placement prints, coats and culottes combos. Fabrics used in this collection were satin, shimmer acetate tulle, silk georgette, faux fur and neoprene. And the color palette comprised of colors from dusk to dark night namely: sand, golds, marigold orange, deep red, moon grey, navy, English blue, ocean, light green and ruby.

AIFW 2015 namrata joshipura

Next in line was Anupama Dayal’s inventive Jamali Kamali collection that was inspired from the Mughal era wedding ensembles coupled with divided skirts or Persian trousers but with a casual look and feel. Emphasis was on colours inspired from old Mughal era buildings like sandstone, ecru, tones of red, ochre and even shades of blue.

AIFW 2015 anupama dayal

The high point of the day came when Designer Duo Pankaj & Nidhi highlighted another aspect of uber luxury in their Autumn Winter 2015 palette of rubicund reds, arctic pinks, sapphire blues, carbon greys and burnt sienna that are mined and set into sharp evening wear silhouettes.

AIFW 2015 Pankaj & nidhi

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