Day 2 @ Amazon India fashion Week AW15!

By on April 17, 2015

Design talent continued to pour on the ramp on the second day of the Amazon India Fashion Week as the show took to the second gear with leading names in the fashion business coming out in full strength. Day two had Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna, Hemant & Nandita, Pallavi Mohan, Samant Chauhan, Abraham Thakore and Malini Ramani showcasing their designs to an awestruck audience and of course, the most discerning of the lot: Global buyers and their teams.

  • First off the block were Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna with their signature collection aptly titled ‘An Early Frost’ featuring an array of colours like ash grey, dark oak, whitish mist. High waisted skirts,lazer cut jackets in cold metallic colours coupled with print and textures inspired from intriguing animal skins.

AIFW 2015 Rohit Gandhi


AIFW 2015 Rohit Gandhi Rahul Khanna

  • Designers Hemant and Nandita followed suit by captivating the audience with their fresh take on prints and embroideries. With each new season, this designer duo takes fashion to a new level by blending trends with sensibilities.

AIFW 2015 Hemant and nandita


AIFW 2015 Hemant and nandita 2

  • Next in line were world-famous Pallavi Mohan’s designs from her signature ‘Not So Serious’ collection that impressed audiences with poet satin blouses, printed organza dresses, pleated wool blend skirts and hand-linked skirts that might just define the fashion quotient for this season.

AIFW 2015 not so serios pallavi mohanAIFW 2015 not so serios pallavi mohan


AIFW 2015 not so serios pallavi mohan 2

  • Delhi-based Designer Samant Chauhan stepped in with his ‘Rajputana Kumari’ collection featuring velvets next to faded silk fabrics, long dresses with a hint of silk and a contrasting colour range of deep and tarnished jewel or metal stones.

AIFW 2015 Samant Chauhan


AIFW 2015 Samant Chauhan 2

  • Designer Duo Abraham and Thakore kept their emphasis on traditional Indian kurtas with Nehru Jackets that surely took the audience back in time.

AIFW 2015 abraham and thakore


AIFW 2015 abraham and thakore 2

  • Wrapping up day two of this mega fashion extravaganza were designs from the immensely talented Malini Ramani Collection who has already made her presence felt on the global arena and her work has in the past two decades has lent a new meaning to uber luxury and haute couture.

AIFW 2015 Malini Raman


AIFW 2015 Malini Raman 2

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