Dare To Denim!

By on June 3, 2016

Thank God, it’s Friday!
We have all been working or studying hard this entire week, and so we deserve a break, don’t we? Most of you must have made your weekend getaway plans already. Except for a special occasion, the heat is not letting us wear anything but really cool and comfortable clothes. Everybody loves to flaunt their denim jeans but what we advise you for this summer season is to cheat your jeans with denims dresses, skirts, tops or shorts.

Do you absolutely love Denims? One good thing about denims is that it’s always in fashion. There are more ways of styling your denims than the same old boring jeans.
Just give it a different twist and throw your jeans back in your wardrobe.

Denim Dress:

You have been showing off your denim jeans for too long, it’s time to flaunt your legs with amazing summer denims dresses! They are not just for a casual outing, you can even wear them to a party or a formal gathering.
There are many varieties of denims dresses to choose from. Here are a few chic denims dresses you need to lay your hands on:

Denim Shirt Dress
A denim’s shirt dress is super easy to style. You can wear it as a quick-to-go outfit and accessorise it with a choker or a neck piece. Wear stilettos of a contrasting colour for a party, or with your favourite sneakers for an outing.


Actress Kiernan Shipka wears a cute patterned denims dress to a Chanel event.

Printed Denim Dress
If you think denims is too plain, then this is the type for you! There are amazing patterns available that can make your outfit look even more interesting.


Alexa Chung looks beautiful in a Denims Sundress

Denim Sundress
These can be on your must-have list for this summer. Denims sundresses look alluring. There are many options in these. You can even choose a sundress depending on whether you want to highlight your curves or hide them, as per your size.


Celebrities sporting a Denim on Denim look!

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Denim Top:

Denim’s top and shirt are another options if you are not too keen on wearing a denims dress. You can choose from a casual one to an embroidered one, depending on the occasion you want to sport the look. There are endless ways to pair it up with quirky accessories. Wear it with your black or contrasting coloured  pants, shorts, etc. If you absolutely love Denims, go denims on denims like the above celebrities!


Celebrities wearing Denim Jackets!

Denim Jackets:

Have a monochrome dress and want to pull on a shrug? Wait! Pair it up with a denims jacket and your favourite heels for a classy look.


Taylor Swift in New York City.

Denim Shorts:

Don’t hop onto the market to buy one. You can make your own shorts and glam them up through some easy DIYs. For denims shorts, you can even cut your old denim jeans and sew the ends, or keep the ends loose based on what you want. Stick some glitters, stones or lace to make them look kinky.

So are you in for a denim season?
Find unconventional ways to wear your denim and give up your denim jeans!

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