Boost your Instagram ROI with these techniques!

By on November 4, 2015

Marketers are trying every aspect of social media marketing in order to optimize their internet visibility. And marketing on Instagram is an important tool in their arsenal when it comes to outsmarting competition. Here are a few tips that will add firepower to your social media campaign.

  • Get the content right: Digital marketing is the use of computer technology to disseminate information about a product or service and therefore it’s’ content what readers see and act upon. So, in order to elicit a response from the users, get your content strategy in place. Even if it means hiring an alpha rated content manager; it’s well worth the expense.
  • Use hashtags to join the conversation: This is important to stay relevant and increase the value of the conversations that you have joined. However remaining within the context is important or else you might seem to be a spammer.

Join conversation

  • Gain more followers: Doing it organically with rich, engaging content and commenting on relevant pictures that are in the same league as your product or service will help you gain more exposure. Accurate use of hash tags will also help you gain more followers.
  • Go in the interactive mode: Joining forums relevant to your field and being a part of discussions on all burning issues within your industry is also of great help. It helps you build a strong clout with followers having the same mindset as you. It might even make your comments stand out and they may foster even more discussions.

Join Interaction

  • Sponsor contests: This is the best way to get users passionately involved with you in overcoming the challenge of creating viral content that can make your brand an instant sensation on social media. Sponsor a contest, reward entries that make a high impact and you shall see a high ROI on your social media spends.


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