Best social media practices to pursue in 2016

By on February 8, 2016

In todays forever connected, forever sharing universe, social media is constantly evolving as per the evolving digital ecosystem. There is always a new challenge that faces social media evangelist’s everyday.

social media trends in 2016

What works and what will not work is still hazy and separating the fads from emerging trends is usually an intuitive decision. And in such an uncertain market scenario, sticking to the following best practices will streamline your internet visibility optimization and reputation management efforts.

#1 Be consistent with your branding, no matter what!

 Ensure that your messaging both internal and external is consistent with the brand attributes. Confusing audiences under the garb of creative advertising will only make them shun your products for competition.  Observe the way leading brands are building relationships, engagement and visibility on platforms like Periscope and Meerkat.

#2 Find out what your customers are thinking

 Conduct third-party online polls, questionnaires and use similar such feedback tools to know what your customers are thinking. Remember 96% of dis-satisfied customers never complain and it is through such feedback mechanisms, they can offer their opinion anonymously without fearing any backlash.

# 3 Leverage live streaming to full effect

 This will help you see the face of your customers and obtain honest feedback  through comments, reviews, questions, complaints received in  events organized by your team for product demonstrations, live interviews, how-to-sessions.

 #4 Good SEO needs video

If you are not using video yet, then you are really missing out on something important. This is because YouTube has now emerged as the world’s second largest search engine as people respond to videos, and share them with their peers. Don’t forget the basics like including descriptions for video, relevant keywords and catchy titles.

Stick to the best practices outlined above and you will realize that the old age of management still holds true that ‘big things happen if you do small things right.’


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