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By on March 1, 2016

Everything that you see, smell, sense and touch become beautiful only when you feel beautiful yourself from inside. Likewise, if you’re upset or sad or ugly from inside everything outside will become ugly, worst, horrible as if you while walking on the road thinking about how worse the day could get and suddenly find your foot on the shit spot.

Beautiful in true sense doesn’t just mean the way you look or in other words just about your appearance rather it is about how beautiful you are from inside, how beautiful your heart is.

You might have many times heard people saying that beauty comes from inside or people giving compliments when they see your natural smile, that’s also because when you smile or laugh the beauty comes from inside and your face glows.
These days it said and quite often advertised so well that now it has become a sort treatment or in simple words many different ways and means have come to stay beautiful, or to quote the voice of advertisements “ these products will help you regain your younger beautiful look” etc.

20150517_102216editLike beauty creams, moisturisers, beauty soaps, velvet body wash, 3 in 1 face wash, sun radiant creams, lotions and so on and each and every product has got a variety of brands to launch them in different names and marketing tactics or schemes as well to attract customers.


But nobody realises the fact that all these beauty products are just beauty enhancers or in other words, it just gives a glow that too for a limited period of time and beauty is from within. Now the companies have even started marketing their beauty products in the name of “get a natural beauty with so and so beauty product” which again is misdirection or say it misguidance or in a way blindfolding the customers.
flake away
All these products do not just harm your skin but also in the long run, one starts ageing before her or his age where again these branded beauty products starts manipulating the customers with the marketing tactics to sell their products in the name of beauty products that will make you look younger or “now you can go back to the skin you were born with” so on and so forth the cycle keeps going.

Here the social media agencies, television, radio, internet etc play a very hammering and persuasive role to get consumers in large numbers buy the products by continuously advertising, broadcasting, free advertisement while surfing the internet, getting famous actresses and actors or models involved in promoting their products in advertising the products.


To sum up we can say that it’s not these products that make one look beautiful but it’s your inner self and how happy you are, make you look MISS-THE-MOST-BEAUTIFUL-PERSON-IN-THE-WORLD.

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