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By on March 2, 2016


” Beautiful hair makes your looks good, good looks give you confidence, confidence makes your personality charming, one with charming personality has attitude and can chase anything in life and a person with so many qualities is always successful and at the top of the world and lives her or his extraordinary life ordinarily and by adding the small moments and making it a larger experience! “

So this fundamental theory leads us to the most simple and at times unnoticeable part of us that plays such an important role in building ourselves and that is our hair that needs a lot of care and needs to be attended as we have so many means in this century to make the condition of them worse. For example say situations when there’s a lot of stress makes the quality or hair weak and down, pollution makes it dirty and dull, too much experimenting leads to hair fall and degrades the quality as it involves a lot of use of chemicals which are too unhealthy and harmful, hair wash every day, no time for nourishment, unhealthy diet and so on. Too much attention or no attention at all in both the situation the after-effects are devastating.

So in order to give a break to your hair from so much suffocation from chemicals, pollution, stress etc here are a few secret tips having a natural and homie touch to make the condition of your hair better.

Onions        home-remedies-for-hair-growth-gooseberry

First, use onion juice to massage your hair, once in a week. It makes your hair cleaner and dandruff free. Second, apply mashed bananas on your hair, weekly as it contains a lot of proteins which helps in making your hair grow healthier and stronger. Third, olive oil massage, it condenses your hair and the hair softens and the quality gets better. Fourth, and a little unusual one, nails vibration, when you start rubbing your nails and continue without breaking even once for 15 to 20 minutes the nerves or the vibration connects to the hair cells and that somehow has effects in make the hair grow longer. Fifth, castor oil + coconut oil massage, helps your hair in becoming more thicker and soft. Sixth, massage your scalp with mashed avocados, it would enrich your hairs strength and growth. And the remedies are endless, but people are completely unaware of such smart and healthy tactics and run behind hair experts, doctors, nutritionists and so on.


And to prove this, you drink tea or beer, but have you ever heard of it as a hair conditioner or hair softener or a remedy to grow your hair? No right, so it’s not that we need to panic and get stressed when such situations come we need to get the right advice and get aware about such tips at the right time.


                                                                                         Beautiful Hair

Tips for selection of the right kind of comb, washing hair with warm water not cold not too hot, healthy diet that includes good amount of proteins and vitamins, drinking water at regular intervals to clean the system, not sharing hair comb, less use of chemicals as in shampoo, conditioner etc makes your hair longer, stronger and healthier.


“So girls stay beautiful, feel beautiful and go for smarter and healthier means to take better care of your hair!” 

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  1. jonniedalrymple

    June 10, 2017 at 11:48 pm

    I must say you have high quality articles here. Your website can go viral.

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