An insight into Twitter’s new privacy policy!

By on May 24, 2017

So, you have been using Twitter for quite sometime now and are very well acquainted with its policies and procedures. Taking a relook at the privacy policy became imperative for the folks taking care of security breaches at twitter owing to Ransomware virus that has affected more than 150 countries asking money from gullible users in return for access to their files. You shall see the following changes after 18 June 2017 in the following five areas:

  • Transparency and control: Users will now have more gritty controls over how the data is used by this micro-blogging site. Access to your twitter data will be easier and transparent. New personalization and data settings have been introduced in order to make users feel more secure while spending time on the site. Do not track browser setting will not be supported anymore by the micro-blogging giant Twitter.
  • Web data: To further improve its services and the quality of content (including ads) that it delivers on the screen of users, twitter has outlined in its privacy how it will store and use data from other syndicated portals.

Twitter's New Privacy Policy

  • Data sharing: If you recheck your personalization and data settings, you can see that Twitter now allows you to control how data is shared with businesses that have partnership arrangements with Twitter. Only if you give your consent, will Twitter share personal, device-specific, aggregated data that is linked to your name, email and other personal information.
  • Personalization: The same personalization and data settings that you have chosen on one device can now be extrapolated to other devices from where you want to login using your username and password.
  • Privacy Shield and Digital Advertising Alliance: In the same announcement, Twitter announced that it will take part in the SWISS-US privacy shield program that exhorts all members into self-regulation by adhering to Digital Advertising principles for online behavioural advertising.

By keeping itself, up-to-date on the security front, Twitter has already taken the first step in being ahead of its peers in winning the trust of users. And it has been unwavering in its commitment to protect and defend the privacy of users who stay hooked on to this micro-blogging site all day.




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