An insight into how SMO adds firepower to SEO campaigns!

By on August 8, 2015

Undoubtedly SMO is the present day catalyst that can kick-start SEO campaigns to a flying start by offering shareable content that can help create a buzz about the brand, event, cause that you are promoting. Super-shareable content helps generate external inbound links makes your content a valuable online resource.

social media

  • Having a popular twitter profile would now prove to be valuable as Google has decided to partner with twitter for accessing its rich content in real-time.
  • So popular users amongst the Twitterati with high follower counts can find their hashtag prefixed tweets on trending topics in Google’s real-time search results.
  • They can also be a part of a global conversion and tweet back and forth on newsworthy topics through Google’s unimpeachable universal footprint.

Quality of followers now matters as Google has tweaked its algorithm to allow users with genuine fan-following ,albeit small, to rank high in its SERPs. It now takes into account engaging content, tweetchat participation, frequent sharing to assign ranks to tweets in its results.


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