AMP-Lightning fast display ads from Google on the anvil!!!

By on May 29, 2017

Say goodbye to the world-wide wait factor and get set for a richer experience while you search for relevant info on the web.  Google CEO, Sundar Pichai announced recently about fast-loading accelerated mobile pages (AMP) for brands to advertise their products and services within the search result.  Grabbing eyeballs of customers will be easy and they shall stay hooked to the search engine longer.

AMP by Google

This technology first saw the light of the day from Google’s stable to promote news articles in response to facebook’s instant article feature launched in early 2016. But now this technology has been extrapolated to millions of display ads. It’s just another way to reward advertisers’ who have chosen to patronize google over other ad platform as these AMP pages will load in less than a second. Ideal for mobile browsers as more than 70% of Google searches now happen through the mobile screen. Advertisers will get more bang for their buck as more users will stumble on these ads and given the high rate at which online content is consumed, this feature is sure to be well received by audiences.

Will Facebook and Twitter strike back with their own versions of AMP? That’s something we need to wait and watch out for!


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