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By on February 13, 2015

The office dress code and business class travel giving you a stiff neck? Well, then kick off the pinstripes and head over to play under the sun, for we are here to take care of your in-between styles. Pay heed gentlemen.

King of Clubs

A club setting requires ensemble that is cool, comfortable and fun. Know the club’s atmosphere and rock the circuit with oomph. Don’t be afraid to go bold with colors but remember to tone down with neutrals to avoid an overkill.

Want to be the chosen one in the pack? Pair any vintage, sports or logo tee in bright hues with a denim jeans and a pair of really comfortable driver shoes.

Men in polo tshirt

Or go with a classic dress shirt with eclectic prints and well-fitted pants in neutral shades. Polish off this look with a casual blazer coupled with leather shoes and you are all set to roll.

Men in printed shirt and blazer

Are you the cute guy over the counter, all coy with your glass of drink? Let the girls drool over that hard work at gym in a cool grey round neck t-shirt and blue denims with brown leather jacket and belt. Finish of the kill with a trendy pair of loafers in bright colors.

leather jacket and denim look

Resort casual

Aboard a cruise liner on the Atlantic with your sweetheart or enjoying a pool bash thrown by your best buddy.  Crack the “resort casual” code with right styling.

Dude out with a nice collared shirt in subtle prints and pair that with clean linen pants for that casual comfort. Accompany the look with front closed sandals and you are ready to sail with the tides!

man in printed shirt and linen pants

You can also choose to go the three-fourth way. Team up a three-fourth short in pastel shades with a brightly colored round neck tee, and throw over a casual dress shirt. Loafers and a Fedora would best sum up this all breezy affair.

man in printed tee and shorts_akkidokie

Biking down the sand dunes in the land of Pharaohs? Experiment with plain khakis or cargos for your lowers. Team those with light colored shirts and sleeveless vested jackets and wrap a Keffiyeh around your neck or head.

Perfect look for a deser safari

Wedding bash

Is the best man in a fix? Here’s answer to all your pre and post wedding fashion woes, that is, if you’re not the one who’s getting hitched!

Ring ceremonies are perfect to pull off a fusion look. Jodhpuri polo pants with a nice satin shirt in bright shade coupled with a fitted sleeveless Bandhgala jacket and leather shoes. A pocket square matching your shirt is all you need to arrive!

Man in jodhpuri polo pant_akkidokie

For the D-day, be your ethnic best with a long sherwani coat in rich embroidery and an artfully tied dhoti. Put you best foot forward with elegantly designed Jutis and that’s it. Be the royal charmer in every frame!

The wedding look for men


Semi-formal is the way to attend a cocktail after party. Crisp full sleeves collared shirt in a light shade, paired with nicely tailored black or olive trousers. Top it with a buttoned waistcoat and a dark tie. Suave we say.

Wedding cocktail look

And there you have it. That’s pretty much everything you need know about arriving in style. Afterall, why should girls have all the fun?

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