A peek into Facebook’s strategy for video!

By on July 28, 2015

In line with its plans to wean away marketshare from YouTube, Facebook has unveiled its video plans by giving advertisers and publishers more leeway in deciding who watches their videos. Users who create videos and upload them on the social networking giant’s website will be able to restrict audiences by age and gender along with the location and language filters already being offered.

The company is planning to launch a brand new “secret” mode functionality within its videos wherein only those with a direct link can watch the videos and not anyone else. Quite like YouTube’s unlisted function, publishers of video-based content can now turn off third-party embedding or choose to group videos under a different “videos’ tab separate from the news feed.

facebook videos

How FB helps advertisers target the right set of users?

  • With over four billion views a day, Facebook’s video business is all set to move into the next level and it wants to give advertisers better ROI by offering them innovative targeting options based on audience preferences and demographics; something that other platforms cannot offer given Facebook’s phenomenal reach and depth of expertise in analyzing the images and videos uploaded on its portal on a daily basis.
  • An example would illustrate this better: an advertiser uploading a video to market its brand new C-class sedan can target those users who have an image of a C-class sedan in their profile pics or albums meaning that they aspire or already own a sedan and wouldn’t mind an upgrade. Such precise targeting based on audiences demographics can only be offered by gargantuan social media platforms like Facebook. It is already a step ahead of YouTube in terms of membership and intends to separate videos from news feeds in categories like entertainment or news.
  • Its commercial break feature wherein ads appear in between when a series of videos is watched consecutively is also gaining traction. Clear proof that facebook wants to develop a full-fledged video platform and is not just satisfied with videos streaming through its news feed.


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