Now it’s easier to escape Grammar Nazis on Facebook

By on January 16, 2017

Regular posting on social media requires a lot of courage and confidence in terms of writing skills. You have to be just perfect in every sentence you write as it has the potential to be read by a zillion people whom you have never known or met in your life.

Facebook now cloaks your mistakes effectively

The best part about Facebook is that you can make any number of changes to your posts even after publishing it by using the edit post feature. Unfortunately, other social networks do not offer such a luxury and you have to delete and upload a fresh post, even if you have misplaced a comma. But facebook till a few months used to very clearly state that a post is “ EDITED”. Now to see if a post is edited, you will have to do some digging.

Notice the edit history feature

Now that feature has been taken off, a “show edit history” feature appears when you click the drop-down menu next to a post.  Here’s how new editing feature looks:

Original Post

Facebook Edited post feature

Edited Post

Facebook Edited post feature 2

Editing History

Facebook Edited post feature 3

So, in effect, the message is loud and clear: Get it right the first time round or else sleuths on social media would find out how many times you edited a post to get it “politically correct”. Since most users scan facebook pages rather than read them and they mostly read web pages on any social site in an “F” pattern, eliminating the edited button will ensure that there are no further embarrassments for bloggers, even photo and video bloggers can edit taglines, baselines and other minimalistic copy without being found out. Writing, editing and posting Facebook posts in off-peak hours will become much easier.

Check it out for yourself!

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