Instagram Introduces a Host of Fun New Features

By on June 29, 2018

After announcing a slew of new features last month, Instagram has delivered on its promise by rolling out video chat in Instagram Direct, new ways to discover posts according to your interests and brand new camera effects.

First up, let’s talk about the new Video Chat feature in Instagram Direct which lets you start a video chat with up to 4 of your friends at once. You can start a chat with anyone with whom you have an active direct thread. Users can’t start a video chat with an account that they have blocked and can mute notifications from an account by going to video chat section in push notifications settings. The best part about this feature is that you can simply minimize the video chat and multitask on Instagram!

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Instagram has also introduced topic channels on explore which makes it easy for anyone to follow their interests.  One can see a ‘for you’ channel when one touches the search icon, which is a personalized channel based on your past interests. Apart from this, you are shown a tray of topics like TV & Movies, Music, Art etc. which you can explore and hashtags within a specific channel that you can follow. One can simply remove a topic channel by pressing and holding the channel and selecting ‘mute’.

2-up_EN (2)

Lastly, Instagram has rolled out new camera effects designed by popular artists and celebrities like Ariana Grande and Liza Koshy. The new effects will be visible when you open the camera in Instagram stories or Instagram Direct.

EN_Partner-AR-Filters-3UP (1)


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