Important Things That You Must Know About Youtube Offline Feature

By on June 29, 2015

Online video content supplier YouTube has declared an extraordinary announcement for its mobile users. Through their newly added offline YouTube service, clients can even now watch videos even in no network areas.



For using this feature, clients need to tap on an icon on the application. Once tapped, the application will stream the video and store it briefly on the phone’ memory, then the client can see the video unlimited times in the specific time period of 48 hours.

Once the gadget unites with the Internet, the quantity of times watched will be transferred to the YouTube server. Seeing the poor Internet data transfer access in India, YouTube is additionally on a deal to dispatch bit-rate streaming service, which may change the overall quality of the video, as per the system accessibility.

For this offline YouTube service, YouTube has joined an agreement with the main video content suppliers including T-Series, Shemaroo YashRaj Films and Saregama.


Of course, there are many applications accessible on the Internet to download YouTube videos. TubeMate is the most critical among them. Despite the fact that these applications are not accessible through Google’s Play Store, they are accessible online on a few other content suppliers.

Release of this service, might demoralize the individuals who download those applications on their phone and build their aggregate number of online hits the world over.


Presently the service has been made accessible in India and the Philippines and will be released in a few different nations later.

This move is expanding the utilization of YouTube as offline YouTube service will permit clients to download and store more content when they become acquainted with a good internet connection. It will likewise enhance the viewing experience wiping out buffering because of awful or discontinuous network.

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