Facebook Wants To Help You Donate Blood

By on June 14, 2018

Though social media gets a bad rep for being a time consuming black hole, there are many ways that it is bringing about a positive change in the world. One such way is the blood donation feature which had been released in India back in October 2017 on National Blood Donor Day.

Today, to honour world blood donor day, Facebook has made it easier to find people who need blood with the addition of their revamped blood donations feature for people in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.


The social media giant rolled out this feature today, which makes it fairly simple to get registered in a click and get notified if someone is need of blood in a locality near you. Shown below is how you can access this feature using the ‘Blood Donations’ feature on your smartphone.

Facebook is unveiling a campaign to encourage blood donations in the month of June and has partnered with organisations like the National Blood Transfusion Council, to set up more than 2000 blood donation event on the platform in June, which will be featured on their new blood donation centre.

To register for donating blood through Facebook click facebook.com/blooddonations and if you interested in hosting blood camps click https://donations.fb.com/blood-donation.

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