Attain the looks you want with these simple, yet trendy hairstyles!

By on June 7, 2017

Hello, beautiful ladies!

Have to go to the office but don’t have time for styling your hair?

Young women like us who have to go to our workplace are often in a tearing hurry. We wake up by our alarms, don’t find perfect clothes and then our hair never cooperate, and we finally end up doing a quick boring ponytail or a bun. But don’t worry divas, the time has come to flip your hair and enhance your personality with some trendy hairstyles.

So, here are some simple and quick office hairstyles that will not take much time and suit the requirements of your workplace as well.

Messy loose side braid

Messy hairstyle is what today’s generation love. Practice makes a woman perfect. So all you need is just a bit of practice and once you get it right, you are ready to sail off.

messy side braids


messy side braids steps

Simple French Roll

This elegant and lovely style will surely lend a positive impact during an interview or meeting. It has definitely a wow factor in it. What you need are a few pins and you just have to roll, wrap and tuck and you are absolutely ready to rock!

simple french roll


steps for simple french roll

Sleek Top Bun

This one will definitely act as a saviour when you panic in the mornings. Just pick any dress from your wardrobe and this sleek top bun goes with everything.

sleek top bun


steps for sleek top bun

Half Crown Braid

This is the most elegant option for you if you have medium to long hair. Just two simple braids will leave your colleagues thinking that you spent your entire morning on this.

half crown braid


steps for half crown braid

Flipped Ponytail

Your go-to ponytail has now become fashionable. A simple flipped ponytail is a perfect solution when you are in a hurry in the morning.

flipped pony tail


steps for flipped pony tail


So we hope that all these hairstyles would help you with your early morning panics and boost your confidence to an altogether different level.

Say cheers to healthy happy hair

Have a good hair day!!!




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