Best Nail Arts Designs to do at home!

By on June 12, 2017

Love keeping your nails colourful and bright? So, let’s show some art, let’s be a bit creative!


We grow our nails with so much of love, then shouldn’t be these perfectly adored? The purpose can be fulfilled just with a simple nail art. No, don’t think that we are talking about a visit to a parlour and spending lots of money.

For all the gorgeous divas out there, we are here with some of the best easy-to-do nail arts at home, be it for a party or any other occasion.

Polka dots

It is the most simple of all but at the same time most bubbly and beautiful. We just have to paint our nails with our favourite colour and then all we need is a bobby pin or a pencil to make the dots with contrasting colours.

Polka dots nailart

The Cool two tone look

A two tone look of this type can be easily done with the help of a loofah. Yes, don’t get surprised! We are talking about the same loofah you use while bathing. The two tone look goes best with shimmery colours.

cool two tone nailart

The Sponge effect

Sponge can be easily used for a perfect and elegant nail art and the best part is you just need your favourite colour and you are all set to make your nails look ravishing.

sponge effect

Playing with colours!

The time has come to wake up the artist in you. This splatter and splash nail art needs the paint brushes which we have left far behind in our childhood. So bring out the child in you and start playing with colours.

colorful nailart

The stone look

Confused? Don’t worry. You just need a crumbled plastic to give your nails an altogether different and sexy look. Just follow the steps and people will not refrain themselves from asking you about the technique.the stone nailart


So let’s bring in some colours in our lives with a little bit of artist inside us.

As it is always said that happiest girls have the prettiest nails! So…

                                                                            Pretty nails!  Pretty us!  Happy us!

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